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The First Steps to Optimal Health

Axe Holistic Medicine prides itself on 100% integrity and transparency. We believe that your health is everything, and not something to rush through. You’re not a number but a unique individual. Our process is designed to figure out what is specifically causing your problem, see how your body responds and come up with a game plan to get you well. When you arrive to the clinic get ready to receive an exam like no other. This exam has four stages.

1.We listen to you.

We care about what you have to say, how it’s affecting your health, and what goals and concerns you may have.

2. We explain what we do next.

We will explain step by step our approach and exactly what makes us different and unique.

3. For Chiropractic Patients Only, we perform a thorough and extensive spinal and neurological exam.

We focus on performing a complete bio-structural evaluation. We utilize state of the art thermographic and neurological testing along with the utilization of digital radio-logical testing (x-rays) as needed.

4. We follow up with a detailed report.

Don’t you really want to know what your health challenges are and why you have them? Instead of just following us blindly, we sit down with you and answer all those questions. We show you your results and let you know what our specific plan is for you.


Below are two catagories of paperwork. If you are scheduled for Chiropractic, please click and download the first set of paperwork. All Functional Medicine patients, please click on the second set of paperwork to download. After finishing the paperwork, we encourage you to bring this with you to your initial appointment, which will then be analyzed by your doctors. 

Download Rehab Paperwork

Please download our New Patient paperwork and bring completed to your first appointment!

Download Functional Medicine Paperwork

Please download our New Patient paperwork and bring them completed to your first appointment!

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