Did you know that over 635 BILLION dollars is spent each year on pain relief?  That is more than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined!

Maybe you have been through chiropractic care, surgeries, or you are currently taking pain medication. Why are you still in pain?  In order to relieve pain effectively, we must address the missing link to treating your pain.

The keys to addressing the cause of your pain:”
1. Addressing ALL four tissues that control joint pain.  Surgery only addresses one tissue. We must address the muscles, the joint capsule, the ligaments, and the nervous system.

2. Posture: When the body shifts forward only one inch, it adds an extra 10 pounds of compression on the spine that leads to muscle strain, disc herniations, and pinched nerves.  You can do everything right, but if you fail to correct your posture, that could be your missing link. Losing the curvature of your spine compresses the blood vessels and nerves around the spinal chord.  This will cause lingering pain if this important step is not corrected.

3. Reset the nervous system: This includes neuro-muscular re-education and resetting the pain pathways.  Vibration therapy works on a specific frequency that can develop muscle memory and help to reset the pain pathways.

What causes joint pain?  
We must first determine the cause of your pain in order to find a solution. Systematic inflammation, neuromuscular dysfunction, and joint tissue damage are some examples of what could be causing your pain.

What do we look for in a true chronic pain exam?
1. Misalignment –  this leads to arthritis and damaged joints.
2. Scar tissue that is restricting motion – scar tissue can prevent proper movement that can impinge the nerves causing pain and sciatica.
3. Determining systematic inflammation –  A functional medicine consult and ordering comprehensive testing or bloodwork can help to find that missing inflammatory component.

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