The Gut is one of the most untreated problematic organ system’s of the body.  This is where we detox, absorb nutrients, house our entire microbiome, immune system and so much more.  This system is damaged by the America lifestyle such as processed food, city water, medications, stress and lack of movement.  Dietary charges and stress reduction are the best place to start.  I recommend autoimmune paleo and GAPS diet.  Moving on, There is a specific order the gut should be treated when using herbs and supplements.  This PDF puts those stages in the exact order.  You first must clear overgrowth and pathogens while at the same time improving protein and food breakdown.  Then you must boost immune system and microbiome back to normal.  You then must rebuild the gut lining  and work on maintaining those improvements.  This 90 Day’s to Gut Balance  Guide does just that: