This latest health threat has us all working on building our immune systems. As we know, it’s not the disease, it’s the terrain that makes the difference. This is just another way of saying the unique makeup of each person’s immune system determines how they experience illness. The best thing you can do now and always is to eat a healthy diet and support your immune system daily with the raw materials it needs in the form of supplementation.

At Axe Holistic, we’ve made sure to stock the very best supplements to support you throughout the coronavirus crisis and the rest of the year. As with all aspects of health, daily maintenance is the key.

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In addition to getting adequate sleep, cutting sugar from your diet, and spending 20-30 minutes in the sun per day, Dr. Axe recommends the following products for targeted immune system support.

  1. Ancient Fortress essential oil blend: This essential oil blend of Clove, Orange, Ginger, Thyme, and Cinnamon is antimicrobial. Use it as a hand sanitizer or apply topically to the chest (dilute in water or fractionated coconut oil ahead of time to minimize skin sensitivity). Diffuse throughout your home to cleanse the air.
  2. Vitamin C and glutathione blend: Increase white blood cell production to help kill virus cells in the body and improve your body’s natural detoxification processes with this supplement.
  3. Monolaurin: This extract isolated from coconut oil helps support those with ongoing infections or who get sick frequently.
  4. Lomatium root: Historically used by Native Americans, this herb gained popularity during the 1918 flu pandemic. Lomatium root is available as an antiviral herbal remedy. Use with caution as directed to avoid skin sensitivity.
  5. SBO Probiotic: Gut health is the first line of defense. This pre- and pro-biotic contains 50 billion CFUs per serving and does not require refrigeration.

Vitamin C and ozone IVs are available at the office as well for a concentrated immune system boost.

Please call the office to discuss the purchase and appropriate dosage of these products. At this time, all supplements mentioned here are still in stock at the office.