We believe in overall approach! In order to get you out of pain and back to the things you love doing, it’s imperative to address all injured tissues from disk, to ligaments and muscles.  We do this using many different techniques and technologies listed below!

Therapies We Offer

Regenerative Medicine

We offer therapies that take advantage of the body’s natural ability to repair itself, like Hyaluronic Acid Injection TherapyWharton's Jelly Injections and Prolozone Therapy. Using regenerative therapy can stimulate healing to the neck, back, and joints. 

Cervical Decompression

Avoid surgery with this patent machine that actually vibrates and tractions at the same time! No other decompression machine vibrates: this technology stimulated healing of ligaments and disc instead of only decompressing.

Flexion Distraction

This technique was invented by an engineer and chiropractor and pumps the disks in the low back and mid back allowing them to rehydrate and slide back into place. Decompressing the discs lowers inflammation levels so healing can begin.

Bemer Technology

Oftentimes pain is because of inflammation built up from decrease in circulation. By using PEMF technology (pulsated electromagnetic frequency) we are able to pull inflammation from your joints getting you out of pain in as little as 8 minutes! This allows us to get a jump start on the corrective process.

Lower Cross Syndrome

Muscle and ligament stretching and strengthening is key to making changes to the spine and getting out of pain! There are very specific muscles that become weak while the opposite side becomes tight. If this muscle balance is not corrected properly pain and dysfunction will never resolve.

Vibration Therapy

The key component in getting out of pain is resetting the nervous system so your brain actually knows the pain and dysfunction is Gone! Vibration therapy resets the brain-joint connection. It also increases circulation, bone density, lymph flow and boosts the immune system!

What Causes Low Back Pain?

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