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Our Doctors and Staff are here to help you achieve all of your health goals.

We strive to create an encouraging environment for each and every patient.

How Can We Help You?

Natural Joint Healing

We offer therapies that take advantage of the body’s natural ability to repair itself, like Hyaluronic Acid Injection Therapy, Wharton’s Jelly Injection Therapy and Prolozone Therapy.

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Holistic Thyroid Treatment

Learn how to naturally treat your Hypothyroidism and/or Hashimotos disease by attending one of our workshops. This could be the solutions to helping you live a happier life!

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Specialized Testing 

We use specific tests such as toxicity, hormone, gut, food allergy and mold testing to determine why you don’t feel well. Specialized Testing may be your missing link into finding the root cause!

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Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic

Our process is designed to figure out what is specifically causing your problem, see how your body responds and come up with a game plan to get you well.

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NEW! Weight Loss Program

Many people struggle with weight loss. Our health coach is here to mentor you step by step through your weight loss journey with meal planning, menus, holistic heath coaching, and MORE!

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Auto Accident Treatment 

A collision of just 4 mph can cause whiplash and lifetime of Chronic Pain if not treated properly!  We have all the equipment and tools to heal damaged ligaments, bulging disks and tight muscles. 

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Chronic Pain 

Many people suffering with chronic pain can’t find the answers they have been searching for.  Our practitioners at Axe Holistic Medicine want to help you get to the root cause of the pain, rather than masking your symptoms.

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Customized Treatment Plans

Getting To The Root Cause of Pain For Each Individual Patient. 
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“I noticed a difference in the first two weeks! I have increased range of motion in my neck and my pain levels have decreased. The two damaged discs in my neck look normal on MRI’s!”


“WOW…. I have been struggling for over 4 years with fatigue and other symptoms and started searching for Alternatives and then I saw Dr Axe on YouTube and I am so very glad I made an appointment. Dr Axe offered great natural ways, that made sense, and I am on my way to great health. Thank you for giving me hope.”


“This office has done more for my Chrons Disease than my Harvard Medical School graduate GI Doctor..”


“I love Dr. Axe’s approach to helping your immune system heal your body, rather than just suppress symptoms like most medical doctors do! I have physical issues as well as autoimmune issues. The whole team work together to find the best treatment for each patient’s individual needs! I love the whole staff! I would give 10 stars!”


“I literally have tears in my eyes while writing this, because for the first time in a long time I have HOPE. They actually understood what’s going on with me. Highly recommend this place.”


“Very professional and had me doing and feeling great with the therapy. Now my knees are feeling great.






Extension 1 – Functional Medicine
Extension 2 – Physical Medicine & Chiropractic

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