Neuropathy Quick Facts: 

  • Neuropathy destroys nerves and causes numbness, pain, weakness and balance problems
  • Neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy mean the same thing
  • The feet, toes, legs, fingers and hands are the top areas neuropathy affects
  • The root cause of neuropathy is a lack of blood flow to the nerves
  • Diabetes is the #1 cause of neuropathy

What Needs to be Done to Reverse Neuropathy? 

  • Recent research has revealed that neuropathy is caused by a lack of blood flow to the nerves. Because of this, specific treatments have been developed to target the root cause and effectively reverse neuropathy in most cases which includes: 

    1. Restoring blood flow to the nerves
    2. “Waking up” the nerves by stimulating them
    3. Turning off the pain signals from the nerves to the brain


    When these three things are done, nerves can heal. It was once thought that once nerves died they could not be regrown, but this is no longer true. Nerves do regrow, they just need blood flow, stimulation and re-education which allows them to stop sending pain signals and start sending normal feeling signals. Even though we do this, mainstream medicine does not sadly even though these doctors know the same research as you.

How Conventional Medicine for Neuropathy is Designed to Fail

  • Even though they know this does not work to reverse it, conventional medicine providers treat the symptoms of neuropathy and not the underlying cause of neuropathy. Surprisingly, no drugs exist that truly treat neuropathy. Instead, doctors prescribe antidepressants and anti-seizure medications that only treat they symptoms of neuropathy such as Neurontin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Gabapentin, and amitriptyline. No wonder this approach fails, these medications are for depressed people and for treating seizures. This would be like treating a heart attack with headache medicine! It may help alleviate pain, but people who have heart attacks do not need their symptoms treated, they need their hearts to work! Similarly, people with neuropathy need their nerves to work again which is now possible. 

    Why Our Neuropathy Treatment Approach Actually Works 

    We first begin by identifying the reason(s) your nerves aren’t receiving blood flow. After determining the root cause of your neuropathy, we employ every tool we applicable to your case to help reverse your neuropathy. All of our tools are science-backed and include:

    • Diet plans to help reverse diabetes or any other underlying health conditions
    • Supplementation to increase blood flow to nerves, help repair nerve damage, balance any nutrient deficiencies that could be contributing to your neuropathy
    • Lifestyle changes and treatments to “wake up” (stimulate) nerves on a daily basis that you can do at home
    • Chiropractic care and physical therapy to make sure all the nerves are communicating with the brain, increase balance, and improve mobility
    • Cutting edge modalities to tell the nerves to stop sending pain signals and to restore feeling to the areas they go to

    By addressing the underlying roadblocks and or deficiencies that are causing neuropathy, we help the body to start healing itself. The solution is simple if you take the right, research-backed steps that we provide for you.

What is the Root Cause of Neuropathy?

It’s simple. Nerves need oxygen, nutrients and blood supply to survive and when they don’t get these elements, they die. Neuropathy is simply the death of nerves.

How Long Does it Take to Heal Neuropathy?

Each case is different, but most people experience results within 3-12 months. Nerves take a while to regrow, but once the proper oxygen, nutrient and blood flow is restored they can regrow quicker. Patients who are most serious about their results and follow the program strictly have quicker results. Every patient is different though and we can give you a better idea of healing time at the workshop.

Why does Diabetes Cause Neuropathy?

Diabetes is characterized by high levels of blood sugar. When sugar, or glucose, levels are too high for too long in the blood they start to kill blood vessels including the smallest blood vessels called capillaries. Nerves need the capillaries to survive because that is where the get oxygen, nutrients and blood flow from. Over time high blood sugar levels eat away and destroy the capillaries around the nerves, and eventually neuropathy sets in.

What are the top conditions that lead to neuropathy?

Diabetes is the #1 cause of peripheral neuropathy and it is also the most common cause. Other causes include autoimmune disease, cancer, infections, alcoholism, medications, vitamin deficiencies, trauma and other medical conditions.

What does the Program Look Like and Will it Work for Me?

The program consists of many different aspects of natural treatment like functional medicine, physical therapy, diet plans, supplementation, chiropractic care, low level laser therapy, nerve retrainers, PEMF mat therapy, vibration plate therapy, hydrogen water, and other modalities. These modalities may or may not be applicable to yoru specific case, but we will be able to tell you more at one of our neuropathy workshops. Most patients come into the office 1-2 times a week for treatment and are given steps to do at home every day.

Top 5 Nutritional Goals for Reversing Neuropathy:

Not all supplements and diets are the same, at our workshop we will teach you the exact supplements and diet plan you need to start: 

  1. Boosting B vitamin levels which are essential to nerve repair
  2. Raising nitric oxide levels to restore blood flow to nerves
  3. Decreasing chronic inflammation to boost the body’s healing ability
  4. Helping reverse diabetes and other underlying health conditions
  5. Balancing nutrient levels to ensure body has all healing resources
Top 5 Medical Breakthroughs for Reversing Neuropathy:

Sadly, most doctors do not educate their patients on the technologies now avialbe that target the root cause of neuropathy and help reverse it. At our workshop we will teach you about these technologies, review the research behind them, answer any questions you have and show you why this will be the treatment of the future. Although, you do not have to wait because these technologies exist and we use them now for many patients who want real results. They include:

  1. Low Level Laser Therapy – this was developed by NASA to stimulate angiogenesis which means the regrowth of blood vessels to the nerves
  2. PEMF Mat – this mat uses a magnetic field to boost bloof flow in the capillaries that surround the nerves and thus enhances oxygen and nutrient exchange to nerves
  3. Vibration Plate – this is another NASA developed technology to help reduce inflammation, increase healing, and boost blood flow to nerves
  4. Functional Medicine – this is the approach of medicine we use to treat the root cause of neuropathy. Unlike conventional medicine that treats symptoms, functional medicine digs deeper and reveals factors that are inhibiting blood flow and healing to nerves that are different for each person. No person is alike, so each person’s treatment plan is unique in our model.
  5. Nerve retrainer – this technology helps the nerves to stop sending pain signals to the brain and instead start sending feeling signals again. Many people with neuropathy experience pain and numbness. This device helps reverse feeling and numbness so the nerves work properly again.

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