Releasing Toxins From The Body For Optimum Healing. 


How is Toxicity Hurting My Body?

General toxicity in the body is another root cause issue, one of the most often overlooked. For many patients that have worked through gut healing and continue to have immune dysfunction, we have proceeded to test for heavy metals. Following a heavy metal detox, the immune system calms down and thyroid function improves. 

Could Your Body Be Acidic, Parasitic and Toxic? 


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More about Toxicity..

Heavy metal toxicity can lead to serious immune system issues, depletion of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and damage to organ tissue. For this reason, ensuring that heavy metals are not a root cause issue for you can be foundation in treatment. There are 3 ways to do this. First, to know if toxicity may be of concern for you, you can refer to sections 13 and 14 on the FAQ questionnaire that all Axe Holistic Medicine new patients complete.


Second, another FREE resource for you is VCS testing. VCS stands for Visual Contrast Sensitivity and is an assessment of brain function by testing your ability to see contrast. Heavy metals, specifically mercury and lead, are known to affect the ability to see details at low levels of contrast. VSC testing “involves the presentation of a series of images of decreasing contrast to the test subject and the recording of the contrast levels where patterns, shapes, or objects can or cannot be identified”. Poor sensitivity in recognizing details of contrast can thus suggest possible heavy metal toxicity. You can find more information on their website here: .

Thirdly, and for the most in-depth results, testing for heavy metals can be done through a lab called Doctor’s Data. While samples can be taken from the blood, hair, and stool, we most often use urine heavy metal testing in our office.

More information about Doctor’s Data can be found here: .

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