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“Dr. Binner has been a tremendous influence in our family’s health. My wife suffers from chronic migraines that have been greatly relieved thanks to Dr. Binner’s advice and treatment. My daughter was treated by Dr. Binner following a car accident and recovered with no ill-effects. Personally, I have received great advice from Dr. Binner on numerous occasions that have allowed me to continue a very active lifestyle into my 50’s and hopefully beyond! Dr. Binner is the best! 


This is my family doctor for all types of needs. My carpal tunnel has gotten better, I’ve referred so many people to Dr Axe and they all have great results too. Im greatful to have found this clinic.”


EXCELLENT! A chiropractic office that exceeds any other I have been to. Friendly, timely staff. I always walk out feeling incredible.”




“Really recommend this clinic to anyone. I felt like Sarah and Dr. Axe are really concerned about you as a person, to help you find out the real reason for your problem, differently from other Doctors that only care about their own pockets. So blessed to have found this clinic and have my thyroid treated. Learned so much, improved my health in general and the the most amazing, so happy about my results. Thank you for all you do.”


Dr. Jordan Axe naturally cares for his patients and has a burning desire to serve his community. He willingly serves his community and patients; and, contributes to health care as a whole. His subservient heart is reflected in the patient care results.”


“The clinic is a warm and friendly place. The doctors and staff members are encouraging The exercises and adjustments are wonderful. I give the office five stars. The clinic helped to diagnose the cause of my husband’s back problem and guided him in losing some needed weight.

Thumbs up!”


“I went in with terrible back pain as well as other issues and have been feeling significantly better in just a matter of weeks. The staff is very caring and welcoming. I would definitely recommend coming here to anyone. It’s been nothing but a positive experience!”


“Everything from diet to medical testing and functional medical practices. I’ve known Dr. Binner and have been a patient for many years. Dr. Binner is literally one of the most respected me I know in the healthcare industry “




Dr. Binner was extremely helpful and insightful on how to achieve a wonderful healthy body. Not only did he teach me to lift weights the proper way, he also points out what type of exercise to stay away from to avoid injury. He has a strict diet plan to live a healthier life. It’s the whole package. 


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