Approximately 100 million Americans are living with diabetes or prediabetes.
Diabetes is a metabolic disease that affects the way insulin is produced and used to control blood sugar levels. Over time, the body loses its ability to produce enough insulin to maintain a normal, healthy level, which can eventually lead to heart disease, kidney disease, nerve and small blood vessel damage, and stroke if left untreated.

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What is Diabetes Relief?

Diabetes Relief is a physician-directed metabolic restoration program that treats the root cause of diabetes, which is metabolic failure. Patients work with a specialized team to create an individualized care plan based on their diabetic symptoms, medical history, and metabolism to determine the ideal treatment plan. The goal of this type of therapy program is to restore the natural communication between the pancreas and the liver, which can ultimately help patients find long term relief from years of living with diabetes.

Ready to treat the root cause of your diabetes?

Diabetic Relief Process:

Initial consultation to review medical history, diabetic symptoms, and metabolism

Creation of a personalized care plan

Diagnostic testing to identify any hormone imbalance that may contribute to metabolic failure

Diagnostic testing to identify any hormone imbalance that may contribute

Infusion of small amounts of insulin to retrain the liver to respond efficiently to meals

Customized weight management program

Potential Benefits:

Customized weight management program

Reduced need for medications

Reduced nerve pain

Faster wound healing

Weight controlled

Blood sugar controlled

Reduced blood pressure

Improved mood and sleep habits

Improved hair and nail growth

Diabetes Relief Changes Lives!

Prediabetic patients also qualify.
If unsure we do free diabetes screenings!

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