Treating Mold Exposure The Natural Way


Common Issues with Mold… 

As our experience with thyroid disorders and root cause issues has become more and more in depth, mold exposure has been a common denominator in many patients who have resolved all other aspects (gut, heavy metals, micronutrients), but they continue to have immune dysregulation. You may or may not be aware of any mold exposure in your past, but toxins from these organisms can deposit in our tissues and cause a whole host of health issues. Many patients who report more neurological symptoms – brain fog, depression/anxiety, memory or focus problems, etc – should consider mold toxicity as a possibility. Commonalities we also see in bloodwork due to mold exposure are low hormones, lots of nutrient and antioxidant deficiencies, and low iron. A great place to start before bloodwork is by taking our FAQ questionnaire. Section 9 gives an indication of overall immune status, which is often suppressed in cases of mold toxicity. Sections 11 and 12 reflect nutritional and fatty acid deficiencies, which as discussed are common when the body is harboring mold toxins.

Have You Been Exposed to Mold?

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