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Why can't i figure out what is wrong? I'm not getting any answers.

I want to explain something for the reason a lot of people are doing testing, they have a health condition, they cannot figure it out. If you’re reading this it’s because you’re searching for answers from a health condition you cannot figure out. The thing that doctors and most medical doctors are not trained to look for has to do with the nervous system. You have neurologists but a lot of times they don’t have the physical means to actually correct these issues.

Think of Christopher Reeves who fell off a horse, injured his neck, which moved his atlas a centimeter. What a lot of people didn’t realize, he didn’t die of a heart attack, or because he couldn’t move his arms or his legs, he actually died from an infection and that was because his immune system was so weak. His brain through his neck couldn’t communicate to the rest of his body. He actually had to have a pacemaker for his heart to be corrected. He never had a heart problem. He had the therapists move stuff to his digestive tract, to have a bowel movement but he never injured his stomach whatsoever. It was all from a neck injury.

A lot of us, we sit at a desk, we’ve been in car accidents, or we’re injured when we were younger. A lot of people have heart palpitations or flutters and they’re having digestive issues but none of the doctors can figure it out. For a lot of us we’ve had these micro traumas. Christopher Reeves had a major trauma, but a lot of us had these little micro traumas that lead to the same result. So maybe you’re having a heart issue, or a digestive issue, thyroid issue or whatever it may be and you can’t figure it out. You’ve got to take some very specific x-rays to rule in or out what is going on.

Your average medical doctor is not trained to look and analyze x-rays accordingly. There are multiple techniques out there that were actually invented by engineers to look at the proper bone alignment and look at how the nervous system is working. If you’re looking for answers, and you’re not finding them and you just want to become healthier, you’ve got to look at the nervous system. You have to draw all the correct lines to figure out if there’s stress on the spinal cord causing a nerve issue to that organ.

So, this is out there, this website is for those people that are searching for answers, trying to get healthy and they’re just not getting the answers they want. 

Please let us look. If you’re reading this I want to offer a free consult for an exam, x-rays, wherever you may need to see if we can figure out what’s wrong. The first step is doing the testing to figure out what your root causes.  

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how do i lower my cholesterol?

 I want to talk about this big myth of people thinking that eating too much fat causes high cholesterol. This myth has been disproved a long time ago. It would make sense if you eat a lot of cholesterol, your cholesterol in your blood would go up. But people also used to think, ott makes sense since I can see straight ahead that the earth is flat. It doesn’t make sense that it’s round, but we all know the earth is round and science now knows that eating too much cholesterol does not raise your cholesterol. It doesn’t work that way.

An increase in inflammation causes your body to react. Your body increases your cholesterol to fix the inflammation. So, how do we lower cholesterol? We decrease inflammation. What are people doing now to decrease inflammation? They’re taking omega or fish oil which is a fat, which we would think of as cholesterol and because it decreases inflammation, therefore it decreases cholesterol.

Basically what we’ve done is we’ve said, ‘’Hey every time there’s a fire out there, there’s a fire truck’’. We’re going to get rid of all the fire trucks because they’re causing all the fires. We’re doing the same thing with high cholesterol, we’re saying every time I see high cholesterol, they’re eating a lot of fat. No they’re just eating a poor diet and they’re very inflammatory.

Again, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. The cholesterol is high because that person has a lot of inflammation. Just because you see cholesterol there, it’s fixing the problem, it is not the problem, just like a fire truck is not the problem, it’s the fire. 

Another great analogy is when there are a lot of holes in a wall, there are a lot of spacklers that are going to come around and patch those holes up. So, the more holes you have in a wall, the more spacklers you’re going to have. The more inflammation you have in your arterial walls, the more cholesterol or spacklers you’re going to have to come in fix the area. It’s all about reducing inflammation. I do a lot of blood work and testing, heavy metal testing, stool testing, thyroid testing to figure out where is the inflammation coming from. If I can figure out where it’s coming from and remove it, cholesterol starts to come down, hormones start to go up, and YOU start to feel better with more energy.

So if you have high cholesterol, you’re searching for answers, you don’t feel well, you want to lose weight, please call our office. I want to sit down with you, and figure out exactly what’s going on and be the first person that tells you, here’s your root cause. We’ve got to get to the root cause, so you can start to feel better. Please call  813-563-7668. Call and schedule an appointment, let’s sit down, bring me your lab work and let’s get you on the road to health, let’s get that cholesterol down and I hope that helps. We’ll see you soon.

what is causing my brainfog?

“If I have low thyroid it could that be leading to brain fog and low mental function, is that why I’m forgetting things? I’m not as sharp as I used to be” The answer is yes, absolutely.

Your thyroid is your metabolism. It controls how fast your cells are working. So, if your cells are not producing enough energy, you’re not going to have as much clarity and mental function. Your brain cells actually consume and make a lot of the energy from your body. You would think that walking around, moving consumes a lot of energy? You’re wrong. Your brain cells are actually using more energy than the rest of your body.

If your metabolism is low because your thyroid is low, that means your brain function is going to be low. So yes 100 percent, we can get your hormones working, but if we get your thyroid working better your brain is going to work better.

The last thing I want to address, some people call it grain brain, and that’s because a lot of people with Hashimoto’s have low thyroid conditions. Their immune system is attacking their thyroid. There is a lot of inflammation going on. If your immune system is attacking your thyroid, there’s a good chance it’s inflamed and attacking the brain cells. And that’s going to cause something called brain fog or thyroid fog.

So, there are two different reasons why this can contribute and that’s why it’s important to not only get your thyroid working better, but to decrease the antibodies and get to the root cause.


suffering from low thyroid?

“I’m depressed all the time, my mood is off. Could this be a symptom of low thyroid?” The answer is yes. Hypo-thyroid conditions are an epidemic. Fifty percent of women say can be hypo-thyroid. Your thyroid controls the function of every single cell in your body and your thyroid really is your metabolism. So if your metabolism is low, your hormones are going to be low, your energy is going to be low and your weight is going to go up.

Your thyroid hormone affects other hormones in your body. When your metabolism is low it’s going to affect your other hormones. Again, your hormones are what control your mood. Most people know when women go through their cycle they get moody- their hormones are shifting. So maybe you’re not going through your cycle, but your hormones continue to shift.  You may have a condition like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Every time your immune system changes, your thyroid changes. Every time your thyroid changes, your hormones change, and that’s why you’re moody, that’s why you’re depressed, you’re up, you’re down, so the answer is yes, absolutely.

Getting to the root cause of conditions is one of the best ways to get in a better mood and not be depressed.

is my thyroid triggering my weight?

This is one of my favorite questions, because so many people are suffering with it. People are wondering, “Why can I not lose weight, no matter what I do. I’m taking synthroid, I went to my doctor, my hormones are normal, my thyroid medication is dialed in, I just can’t lose weight, it just keeps going up, up and up.”

Weight loss is about one thing and really one thing only, and that is your hormones. Your hormones are 100 percent what dictates your weight. And what you see in the blood does not tell the whole story. People are doing the blood work and they say that it looks normal in my blood, but that’s not telling the story of what’s going on inside your tissues and more importantly, inside the cells.

And also, there are so many more hormones than just your thyroid and they all work together in a very detailed fashion. A big problem I see is, “Oh my thyroid is low, I’m going to take this medication. My testosterone is low, low T, I’m going to take testosterone.” The problem is, it’s not that your body can’t make it, is that your body’s making the wrong thing. And for a lot of females and some men, they are making too much estrogen instead of testosterone.

So, if you just take the medication then you now have something that’s high and something that’s normal. Whereas before you had some of those high and low, and through proper functional medicine taking a detailed history, looking at you as a whole, we can balance that instead of causing more dysfunction in your body.

It’s very important you don’t just jump to it and start taking medication, that you that you see someone that’s going to look at your labs, that’s going to look at your history and really listen to you. Because if you want to lose weight and you want to lose weight for the rest of your life consistently, there are no shortcuts here guys, you have got to look at the labs, you’ve got to look in detail and you’ve got to take the right steps to balance your hormones naturally.

I hope this helps, please share this with anyone that you know that can’t lose weight and maybe the thyroid normal and they can’t figure this thing out, because; this is information that can be the catalyst to get them the help that they need.


My blood work is normal but i don't feel good. why?

A common question that I get is, “My blood work is normal and I still don’t feel well. My doctor ran my thyroid and he said it’s normal, there is nothing wrong, or I took the medication it balanced out, but I still don’t feel well, what is wrong?” 

I am going to answer this question very simply. Your blood work isn’t normal. They just looked at a very small part of your blood work and said you’re normal. It’s like you’re having marital issues, you go to the counselor and they ask you two questions, “Do you guys live together? Yes. Do you guys go out to dinner together? Yes. Your marriage is fine, everything looks normal.” We all know there are about a million other things that are involved in the marriage, and there are about a million other things that are involved when it comes to your thyroid.

So, it’s not the fact that your blood work is normal, it’s that no one has taken the time to look at the full blood work, or look at you as an individual to get to the root cause. So I urge you- find a functional medicine doctor; there are tons of great ones out there. You can visit us and check out our clinic or call (813) 563-7668 for any questions. 

what is hashimotos disease?

I want to talk about Hashimoto’s. I was 21 years old, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and not looking for a thyroid problem. It suffered from eczema, chronic sinus infections, and fatigue. I finally did the testing and figured out that I had Hashimoto’s.

Now, a lot of you have been to your doctor and you’ve been told that you have Hashimoto’s but it doesn’t matter, because they can change the treatment, there’s nothing you can do about it. That is 100 percent false. The doctor that you’re seeing doesn’t know what to do about it and can’t do anything about it, that is true. Can something be done about it? Absolutely, because you might be seeing an endocrinologist or a thyroid specialist but unfortunately they’re not specializing in auto-immune disorders. One of the two things to reverse something like Hashimoto’s is to balance the gut and the immune system, to remove infections.

Most doctors don’t specialize in that, they don’t know what test to do, they don’t know how to do it and unfortunately a lot of this is diet related and those are not tools that they have in their tool belt. That is why your doctor is telling you there’s nothing that can be done about it because you’re going to get a thyroid hormone or they’re not going to give you thyroid hormone. Those are the two options.

If you have Hashimoto’s or you don’t, it doesn’t change whether they give you medication or not. So why would they test, why would they treat something that’s not going to change the prescription that they give you? Contact us to see real, lasting results. (813) 563-7668. 


How does an anti-inflammatory diet work?

I want to talk about the science behind an anti-inflammatory diet. From a science perspective that is exactly why it works and how it works. When we’re trying to make these changes in our lives, if we know why it works it’s a lot easier to change our diet and make the changes that we need to. We have two different pathways, we have an anti-inflammatory pathway our bodies can take, or a pro-inflammatory pathway our bodies can take.

The first thing I want to talk about is our insulin levels and what really affects our insulin levels. Carbohydrates, sugars, high glycemic index foods that are very starchy and have a lot of sugars are going to increase those levels. You might be eating good foods but if they’re on that index you’re going to go from an anti-inflammatory pathway, from linoleic acid, then to GLA. When insulin is not right, glucose goes up from the foods that we’re eating, the anti-inflammatory pathway is going to shift over to Arachidonic acid. Now we are in the pro-inflammatory stage. Just by reducing carbs and sugars and getting more fats and good quality proteins, vegetables in our diet, we are going to keep all of our pathways going anti-inflammatory instead of pro-inflammatory. 

Now the second thing in an anti-inflammatory diet is getting the right herbs and compounds in our diet to reduce inflammation. There are things like; turmeric, ginger, different herbs like boswellia, those things if you do go towards arachidonic acid in your pathways, it’s going to modulate the conversion of arachidonic acid into a pro-inflammatory metabolites. Two things here; reduce sugars, carbohydrates, things like that because that is going to stop the pro-inflammatory pathways from coming over, and then eating herbs and compounds are going to inhibit or modulate the conversion of arachidonic acid into pro-inflammatory chemicals.

Things to remember; reduce your carbs and your sugars, get good fats, good quality meats that have omega 3’s in them, fish, things like that. Start to reduce your grains, your sugars, pastas and foods that are going to make a massive difference in your inflammation. Through supplementation or foods like ginger and turmeric are going to make a world of difference.

When we start to inflame the brain, then you start to have cognitive dysfunction, anxiety, depression, can’t remember things, brain fog. If you start to inflame your thyroid, then your thyroid doesn’t make enough hormones and then you start to gain weight and get depressed and not have energy. When you start to inflame your joints and your joints start to hurt and then you can’t move, then you can’t exercise. 

Inflammation drives all these disease processes and that’s why this pathway and going anti-inflammatory on your diet and your herbs is so important.

Can Ozone Increase Energy & Stop Aging?

A lot of people are aging faster than ever or some of us just want to go the other direction and just look better. One of my favorite modalities to stop aging is something called ozone. Ozone works so well because it is oxygen and oxygen is life. We need oxygen to
live and to breathe.

Ozone is three molecules of oxygen and what that can do is speed
up energy production of every single cell in the body. When our cells don’t make enough energy, you deteriorate at a quicker level and that’s what causes aging. So, what ozone does is it gets into the cell and speeds up ATP production in the cell. It lets your body make more energy which is going to help you with fatigue and stop that aging process.

The second thing is ozone actually kills infection in your body. Most of us are chronically fighting some kind of infection that we don’t know about, that drains your body energy literally drains it and causes your body to age. So, by killing infections and increasing energy literally drains it and causes your body to age. So, by killing infections and increasing energy production of your cells, you can stop the aging process by using ozone.

Does your diet affect chronic pain?

Tons of people are in pain, sitting at a desk all day, or in car accidents. A big question is, “Does my diet affect my pain or is there something I should be eating that is going to help reduce the
pain in my body?” And the answer is absolutely yes, because; think about it, what is the first thing we do when we’re in pain? We take Encebs, aspirins, Tylenol. Encebs are designed to decrease inflammation.

So, inflammation is the culprit of chronic pain such as Sciatica.
A lot of people think, ‘’Oh I’m in pain because I’m pressing on a nerve and that’s causing pain’’ and that’s partially true. But what is more true is that, inflammation is being released in your body and inflaming that nerve, and then that nerve is causing pain. If we can reduce inflammation systemically with what we eat in our diet that can absolutely help you with your pain levels. 

In general, omega-3’s and quality fats are going to reduce inflammation. Avocados, nuts and seeds, good quality meats, olive oil. Again those things are good healthy fats, cod liver oil, fish oil can reduce inflammation. 

Things like grains, sugars, processed foods, those are inflammatory, those are going to increase inflammation systemically in your body and drive pain and dysfunction. The answer is yes. Click here to learn more about chronic pain.  

What are the benefits of ozone?

This is so important because the root cause of these autoimmune conditions is infections, low grade infections that live in the body that you don’t know about, right? Because; they’re not rampant, they’re not causing you know you to get this major rash or
have the flu, but they’re living in a low grade that is triggering your immune system on a daily basis and eventually causing destruction of that organ.

If your immune system decides to attack your thyroid, when do you find out? Do you find out that day? No, you find out 10 years later when that organ has been destroyed. Again, when the alignment of your car is out, do you know that day? No, you find out 10,000
miles later when you look at your tire and it’s completely worn out. We find out when that organ is worn out because these infectious diseases live in the body. Dentists usually use ozone to sterilize their equipment. In the car industry, they actually use if to deodorize cars. So, it’s extremely powerful at killing microbes in the body but extremely safe and not killing the things that we want to keep.

Epstein Barr Virus, cytomegalo virus, herpes virus; ozone actually kills all these viruses. And if we can kill those pathogens, we can then regulate the immune system right. Because it’s the immune system that’s attacking the organ. So, in a nutshell, that’s how powerful ozone is and that’s why it can help reverse autoimmune disease and thyroid disease conditions.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of ozone therapy. 

How Do you TREAT Leaky Gut, IBS, Crohn's Disease?

I want to take about the amazing treatment called ozone and its effectiveness in IBS, and Crohn’s disease.  Ozone works in a couple of different ways. The first way is ozone actually modulate your immune system. Okay, that means it doesn’t make it stronger, it doesn’t make it weaker, it modulates it. And when we’re talking about Crohn’s and IBS, your immune is actually overactive and inflaming the lining in your gut. So, ozone can help modulate that.

The second thing ozone does, actually tighten up and improves leaky gut. That means it tightens up those junctions in your gut so that pathogens cannot get into your blood stream
and cause autoimmune conditions and inflammation.

The third thing ozone does, where, that relates to Crohn’s and IBS is it increases mitochondrial function of your cells because it is made out of oxygen. If your cells can make more energy, the tissue in your gut can repair at a faster level.

The fourth and last thing that is extremely powerful is; ozone kills microbes in your gut. One reason you have leaky guts, IBS, Crohn’s is because you have bad bacteria, yeast parasites, fungus in the gut lining damaging it. Ozone will actually kill those microbes so that
the good probiotics and microbes can come in there replicate and take hold. So, extremely powerful in reversing and curing these conditions. 

Click here to learn more about ozone therapy. 

HOW CAN OZONE IMPROVE Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Ozone is three molecules of oxygen and it works in a multitude of different ways. Ozone is made out of oxygen, but if you inject that ozone with B vitamins and saline solution it becomes prolozone which is injected into a joint. This increases oxygen in the joint. Every single cell in your knee needs oxygen to replicate and the oxygen will increase mitochondrial function, that way, the cells in your knee and your cartilage can actually reproduce at a higher level so wherever you’re having pain can heal at a quicker level.

The second thing is extremely important if you have Rheumatoid arthritis. Because Rheumatoid arthritis is not from normal wear and tear. It’s actually your immune system inflaming and damaging the joint. In order to reverse this condition, we need to fix and modulate the immune system and ozone time and time again has been found to modulate and improve the effectiveness of your immune system. By injecting ozone in there, we can actually restart and modulate the immune system so, that your body does not attack the joint.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of ozone therapy. 

Can Diabetes be Treated with Ozone? YES!

We have type 1 and type 2. Ozone is a very effective treatment for type one. Not if you’re born with it but if you contacted it later because of infection reason. Normally viral in nature, that infection lives in the pancreas. The immune system tries to attack the pancreas and is eventually damaged. It is very effective at treating auto immune conditions which is what causes type 1 diabetes. It’s something we’ve seen time and time again in our office.

In type 2 diabetes, insulin sensitivity issues arise in your cells and  because ozone is oxygen, it can actually get into your cells and increase ATP and energy production. If your cells make more energy, your cell membrane functions at a higher level. If your cell functions at a higher level, it’s not going to be as prone to insulin sensitivity issues.
So, again in type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation comes from infection. So, ozone can help kill infection, reduce inflammation and increase insulin sensitivity issues.

how do anti-inflammatory foods work?

 I want to talk about anti-inflammatory compounds and foods, natural ones and exactly how they work. You know we’re all told, “Hey, you should try turmeric, ginger and they’re amazing, but I want to show you exactly how it works and why they’re so powerful, and why they actually work better than things like aspirin, your enceps.

So let’s look at the pathway here, and how we can start to reduce inflammation in our bodies naturally. Things like grain fed meats, eggs that aren’t pasture-raised, different kinds of meats and dairy that are conventional really cause inflammation in the body. Ones that are grass fed are going to do the complete opposite. A lot of the inflammation comes from the things that we’re eating but, there are some natural — life is not always easy. We go out to eat and we travel, so sometimes these things are unavoidable. 
Let’s talk about what we can do to mitigate the damage. These kinds of foods that we’re talking about turn into something called arachidonic acid and that is right down the pro-inflammatory pathway here.

Now when you take Enceps, things like aspirin, what you do is you block this pathway called Cox 1 & 2, you literally just stop it and that can stop inflammation. Now however, inflammation is a good thing,
that’s how our bodies heal. So it’s about having the right amount of information, not too little, not too much and that’s why things like ginger and turmeric work so well, because those actually modulate the pathway.

If you need more inflammation, it will let it through, if you need less inflammation they will inhibit and flow that pathway down.
That’s exactly why things like turmeric and ginger are so powerful. If you’re having inflammatory issues, it’s a must have to your supplement regimen, your food regimen, things that you need to add in there. It helps to modulate, it doesn’t inhibit like Enceps do. That’s something you can start to do naturally, if you’re not eating perfectly to start to reduce inflammation in the body, and inflammation is the cause of all disease.

If we can reduce inflammation or being over inflamed, our joints are going to feel better, you have less risk of auto immune disease and so many other conditions related with inflammation.

How can i treat unwanted knee pain?

The first cause of knee pain is misalignments. The knee has to be aligned and moved properly. Think about a ball joint that’s misaligned, that joint is going to wear out.

The second thing is scar tissue. We want tissues that move evenly in the knee, because if there is scar tissue on one side, it’s going to pull to that side because it’s not moving evenly. Think about brake pads, one side sticks that side is going to degenerate and wear out more quickly. I take x-rays all the time and I always see one side of the knee, one meniscus is gone and the other side is fine. They’re both the same age, but that one side has been wearing out more quickly, because of scar tissue.

The third thing that most people completely overlook is that 30% of knee pain patients had no problems with their knee. It was actually impingement of their sciatic nerve which was radiating into their knee. They didn’t even have low back pain, the pain happened to manifest and travel into the knee, and they thought it was their knee.

That’s why I always do consults with my patients, so I can rule in or out what is causing it. We always do free consult at our clinic so that we can help you get to the root cause.


how to naturally balance female hormones

This is a big deal guys. But one thing you have to realize is hormones are always secondary. That means it’s thyroid issues, infections, chronic stress that has now caused the hormones to go high or low. So, we want to treat the hormones naturally and take the correct steps, but we also need to realize that’s not the root cause.

However, correcting them could be crucial and key to you feeling better and having the energy and the balance the energy really in the balanced blood chemistry so that you can reach ultimately the results that you’re trying to get, and do the protocols that you are currently working on.

When we look at female hormones, it’s always important remember that one affects the other which affects the other. Progesterone is a good place to start, because; it is the precursor for other hormones. Along with Progesterone that’s equally important to look at, is cortisol which we’ve talked about before. High cortisol, low cortisol can cause a cascade of other issues with your hormones.

So you’ve got to start by looking your cortisol and your progesterone. And once you look at those whether high or low, and you can take a bioidentical or an herb or a supplement to help address those issues, you can then once that is balanced, recheck your labs and then you can move on to your other hormones, because again, by correcting those, it could correct your testosterone or estrogen or your other hormones. Look at those first.

So, the next ones would be estrogen and testosterone as well have DHEA. Now DHEA would be the next thing to look at, because DHEA is a precursor to testosterone. DHEA on your blood is going to be the best way to look at that. And if your testosterone is low in your DHEA is low then you may be able to bring your testosterone up just by adding the precursor, DHEA.

And then lastly would be estrogen, and that’s one of the last things that I would get into and it rarely needs to be addressed when you address all the other issues. You can work with that with a local functional medicine doctor that can help get you on a bioidentical hormone to finish getting that balance. But again it’s important to know the order that we want to look and start to treat these.


The root issue is PCOS estrogen dominance.

Let’s talk about that now. There are natural ways to treat those things. The best way to treat those conditions which is a very common, is something called DIM. Now DIM is a compound found in cruciferous vegetables, but you can also buy it as a supplement and that can actually help break down unhealthy estrogens in the body and help balance your hormones. When you take DIM it’s also important to take bioidentical progesterone like we talked about a minute ago, or you could take a more natural version called Vitex. Vitex or Chasteberry tree extract is a great extract that works like progesterone, isn’t as strong but can get you some of the same results. So, DIM or something like Vitex together can help with PCOS estrogen dominance.

Recapping things we need to look at. We need to look at progesterone and cortisol. We need to get that resolved. And if you have a condition like PCOS or estrogen dominance and you look at the labs and see ferritin, testosterone DHEA high, that needs to be addressed as well. Once of those are addressed, retest your labs, bring them back to your functional medicine doctor and if there are still imbalances, then through natural bioidenticals, estrogen, testosterone and so forth, you can finish balancing your hormones. That’s the icing on the cake, but you have got to get to the root cause, you’ve got to work on the auto-immune condition, you have got to work on the diet, you have got to work on the infections, and then really use these principles I outlined to balance your hormones naturally.

Some other common things you may see on your blood work when you’re checking all of your hormones is you could have high testosterone, high DHEA and oftentimes, that’s accompanied by high ferritin or iron levels. So that’s a something to look at in your labs if all of those things are elevated, and that can be from something called PCOS or from a wide variety of other hormonal shifts.

 Estrogen dominance is very common now for women in America, that’s stressed out, driver personality, on the go all the time, high strung, causes something called estrogen dominance and that can bring your iron levels up, your DHEA, testosterone and so forth, and that can cause weight gain and other hormonal imbalances. So that’s one key chain of blood work that’s a pattern on your blood work that you have to look for to rule these things in or out. Because; you might say oh this one is low, this one’s high, that’s not the root issue. 

what causes neck pain and numbness?

A big question that we get is what causes neck pain and numbness into my hands? The main thing that’s causing that is inflammation of the nerves that make up what’s called your brachial plexus. That’s a bunch of nerves that “X” in your neck and go all the way down in your arm.

Simply that’s what causes it, but I want to talk about how we fix it here in our clinic. We have found that if you vibrate the disc in your neck at about 5 hertz that can actually stimulate regrowth and rebuilding of the disc and it can really help pull out some of that inflammation. So, the curvature is a big part of what’s causing this chronic numbness down your hands. So everyone make an arc with your hand. That’s what your neck is supposed to look like, but what science is showing is that when you lose the arch, it puts compressive forces into the disc.

The way to get to the root cause and get pressure off the disc is to actually work on forming that natural curve in the neck. A lot of people have very straight necks, so we lay the head over a spring that actually helps stretch the neck and form that natural curve. We also found that by using vibration therapy you can speed up the change ligaments 5 to 10 times faster than if you’re in a static motion. So, that’s what causes numbness on the hands and this is one of our secret weapons of why we’re able to help people with numbness in their hand that no one else has.

Please share this. I know there are millions of people that are having this, they’ve been to chiropractors, they’ve been the physical therapy, had consults for surgery or maybe even had surgery and not gotten results. To learn more about therapies we offer, click here


what causes numbness in the hands?

Another big question that we have that I’m hearing a lot of is, “What causes numbness into my hands and how can I fix it?” 

Well let’s start with what causes it. What causes numbness is the compression of the nerves in the neck, and not just compression but inflammation. When those nerves making up your brachial plexus become inflamed, that message travels all the way into the arm; that could cause carpal tunnel, elbow pain, shoulder pain or shoulder impingement and neck pain. You can see one little issue can cause so many problems, and that’s why we’re so serious about correcting it and figuring out what’s wrong.

One of the best ways to correct that compression and inflammation, is something called cervical vibrating traction. This machine actually vibrates at a certain frequency that research has shown can actually rehydrate disc and pull out inflammation. Moving at a specific frequency, it’s going to help rehydrate and reform the ligament and discs in the neck. It’s all about getting in the root cause and this is a powerful machine that a lot of people are not aware of. It has changed our practice and it’s really allowed us to help people that have tried chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, they’ve tried it all and they haven’t found any answers. 

There are tons of research and technology with vibrational frequencies. To learn more about therapies we offer, click here

what causes sciatica and how can i improve my pain?

A common question that I get is “What causes Sciatica, or what is causing numbness into my leg?” And that’s a really good question that millions of people are suffering with. A lot of people call it Sciatica. Really all it is is inflammation of the nerves in the lower back that exit and go all the way down the leg, into the foot. So if those nerves are compressed or inflamed, that can cause pain into the buttock, the knee, the foot; anywhere along that line could cause an issue.

A lot of people say, “Oh it’s my foot or it’s my knee.” 

You’ve got to get the nerves in the lower back checked because those being inflamed could cause that issue. That’s one thing that we specialize in, is taking x-rays, doing an exam and finding out what’s the root cause and where is that pain being generated. If it is from the nerves in the lower back, one of the easiest ways to correct that numbness or Sciatica into the leg or into the buttocks, is something called a flexion distraction table. The table is designed to open up and rehydrate the disc in the low back. That’s where the inflammation is, that’s the root cause, that’s where the pain is being generated. So, we turn it on and wherever that disc is that’s causing that inflammation, it opens and closes and we can decompress the discs in that area.

The flexion distraction tables is one of my favorite tables and machines, really it’s easy fairly inexpensive and it makes a world of difference when it comes to Sciatica and numbness and in the lower back.

To learn more about therapies we offer, click here


what is the cause of osteoarthritis?

There are two things that cause Osteoarthritis and that we’re going to go over. The first thing is; restrictions and scar tissue. What that does is if the joint can’t move it’s going to deteriorate. If you don’t use it, you lose it and it’s the same thing when it comes to joints. A lot of us think that osteoarthritis or degeneration is something big and it’s a disease causing our joints to degenerate. That’s not true. It’s literally your joint that’s wearing out prematurely, or too quickly. So, it’s not a disease; it’s just things not functioning properly. 

Scar tissue causes the joint not to move evenly. Think about your brake pads. If one brake pad sticks and doesn’t move, that brake pads going to wear out a lot quicker than the other brake pad. So, if something sticks in the joint, that’s going to cause degeneration. 

what is tsh?

A big concern, and a big question people have right now is, “What is TSH?” More importantly- “I went to my doctor he said my TSH and my thyroid levels are normal, but I don’t feel well. What is going on here?”

TSH isn’t even a thyroid hormone. A lot of people think that is what you’re looking for, no. That’s actually produced in the brain to tell the thyroid what to do. Maybe your brain is telling your thought to function normally and maybe your thyroid works perfectly fine. That’s why it’s important in functional medicine to do the full outline of testing. We look at your TSH, T4, T3, reversed T3, thyroid antibodies, different hormones. We need the full picture. If we just look at one number, that doesn’t give us an accurate representation.

What if I asked you, I am trying to figure out what you’re like and your personality, and I asked you one question but I based who you were off that one question? That would be ridiculous and that’s exactly what we’re doing right now with our health and with our thyroid conditions.

TSH is your thyroid stimulating hormone and it’s not produced by your thyroid. So, it’s very important that we do the full testing to get the full picture.

Learn more about thyroid health, click here. 


how can i combat rheumatoid arthritis?

This is an epidemic and the issue is, people think the problem is with their joints. It has nothing to do with your joints, it’s an auto immune disease attacking your joint. So yes it’s important to look for it adhesion in the joint, whether it’s your spine, your elbow, or your knees. There are lots of great techniques like Wharton’s Jelly and Prolozone to regenerate that joint.

But the root cause of rheumatoid arthritis is your immune system. Eighty percent of your immune system lives in your gut. So, essentially you have to look at the gut. Secondly, you have to look at the immune system. Is there a bad infection or pathology that the immune system is attacking or a virus that happens to be in your joint? It’s very common for these infections to drive rheumatoid arthritis. That’s why we do stool testing, blood testing and infectious disease testing to try to figure out what is triggering the RA. 

Once we get to the root cause, then we start to talk about things like Wharton’s Jelly and Prolozone to reverse the damage that’s been done. It’s a big deal when you’re talking about rheumatoid arthritis, you’ve got to get to the root cause, you’ve got to figure out what — why is the immune system out of balance.

what causes inflammation in my back?

There are about three things I want to go over that you really need to start to do to get over back pain. 

The first one is motion. The reason that you’re in pain is because things aren’t moving. Every joint in your spine should move evenly and if one moves and the other doesn’t move, that’s going to lead to degeneration, herniated disc and chronic pain. So you’ve got to get motion in those joints and just bending forwards and backwards is not going to do that. In other videos we have explanations of how to get those joints moving.

The second thing is the structure of the spine. The structure dictates your function. There’s tons of engineering that God designed us with, and if that engineering and structure is not intacting, you’re going to be in pain. So there are things like a Denneroll, Arthrostim, cervical vibrating traction, a lot of therapies that we use to rebuild the structure in the spine. Just getting adjusted or just doing physical therapy is not enough, we have to do these other therapies.

The last thing, the third thing that most people are missing is the mental component. There was a doctor that wrote a book called Overcoming Back Pain and what he wrote about is 50 percent of his patients got out of back pain and the other 50 didn’t; trying to figure out what is the difference. The difference was the mental component, because pain is felt in the brain. And if you’ve had chronic pain for a very long time, those neural components are built. And so your brain thinks you’re in pain when you’re not, because that neuronal pathway has been built. 

You have to address the mental component. There are things like Accelerated resolution therapy, where a mental health counselor can actually help you overcome that. Not just telling yourself that you’re not in pain, but believing it, thinking it and embracing it, and just knowing that you will overcome back pain. I’m telling you as it sounds silly, it sounds simple, I’m not saying it’s in your head, I’m just saying being positive and having someone help you break that neuronal pathway, can be the next step in getting out a low back pain.


what is whiplash and how can i reverse its Effects?

Whiplash causes headaches, migraines and all kinds of other types of chronic pain. Whiplash is a big, big deal and we’re going to talk about the three main things of how to reverse whiplash so you don’t have chronic degeneration, bulging discs.

The first one is regenerative medicine; things like Wharton’s Jelly injections, or either ozone injections, all those things can help rebuild and stabilize damaged ligaments. Now the second thing is something that’s very difficult to find, but it’s called cervical vibrating traction, and actually looks like a neck pillow that vibrates at 4.5 Hz. We found that 4.5 Hz vibration can help stabilize and heal ligament instability, a very positive treatment.

The third thing is something called an Arthrostim. An Arthrostim is an adjustment style tool to move and shift bones in the right position and it also oscillates anywhere from 6 Hz to 12 Hz, and that frequency can help realign joints and bones, and help those ligaments settle into the spot that they need to be.

Those are the three treatments that you can start to use today, to start to reverse whiplash and more importantly stop the damaging effects that whiplash can happen later in life. If you were in a car accident or injured and you have whiplash of some sort, please reach out to us or a clinic that can treat you. 

Why do i have thinning hair and brittle nails?

Millions of people are suffering from thyroid issues and symptoms. A common question I get is- “My doctor maybe is saying that my thyroid is normal overall, but I’m getting thinning hair, my skin is dry, my nails are thin, I’m low energy, I’m gaining weight, but everything looks normal. What is going on here?” 

That is a really good question that a lot of people are suffering from. The big reason that’s causing this is something called Reverse T3. What that means is, your body is not converting your thyroid hormone into the active thyroid hormone. Instead of converting into T3, your body converts it into Reverse T3. Therefore, it looks normal in your blood work, but in reality this reverse T3 is blocking out your own thyroid hormone. It’s like your car, it won’t start, it’s not getting gas, you have a full gas tank, the gas is there it’s just not getting into the engine and being utilized, because it’s getting blocked out by something. That’s exactly what has happened to your thyroid and your metabolism. 

You are having thyroid symptoms and your blood work is normal because it’s in your blood, it’s just not getting into the cell. Again you guys aren’t crazy, you’re just not getting the right hormone.

So, please share this with people that have normal blood work and they’re having all the thyroid symptoms. Share this with them so that they can really educate themselves. 

Learn more about thyroid health, click here. 


Why do i struggle with chronic pain?

“What started my pain in the first place?”

That’s a really good question and the answer for most people is, it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. We think we just tweaked our back, we were in the garden and we’re sitting wrong, but in reality these things take decades and decades to develop. And it’s important to know that, because that’s what’s going to lead us to the right solution to get you out of pain.

What really causes it is poor posture and scar tissue built up in the spine, or in the joint. We all know that if you don’t move it, you lose it. This is extremely important with chronic pain because in your joint, if it does not move evenly, that joint is going to break down. It’s a movement that brings fluid in and out, in and out. So there’s no blood supply in your joints. They call it your white tissues. Your white tissues don’t have direct blood supply where your skin and your muscles do. If there’s scar tissue built up in your joint, it’s not going to move properly, it’s not going to get nutrition and it’s going to degenerate and eventually cause you chronic pain. The first step to fix the problem is to break up the adhesions, motion and joint.

The second thing is the structure. We are supposed to have a certain posture, and when we lose that posture from the way we sit or injuries or things we’ve been exposed to, that is going to increase compressive loads on your spine. If we increase compressive loads on your spine, we did generate the disk and we start to press on the nerve. How do we fix it? We start stretching, chiropractic, physical therapy, trigger points, Wharton’s Jelly injections. All these different things to correct the posture that’s going to take pressure off the disc, take pressure off the nerve, get your functioning better, get your healing better, and get you out of pain.

why is our healthcare system so expensive?

How you can save money on your health care? We have the most expensive health care system on the planet. The average person right now spends $8,500.00 a year on your health care. So, why are we spending — I’m going to educate you right now why we’re spending so much money on our health care system, so that you cannot be another statistic, and you can greatly save your money on your health care bills. 

Harvard did a study from 0 percent health to 100 percent health to figure out why we spend so much money. They found that our health care system when you’re 100 percent, is you’re 100 percent healthy, 0 being dead. If your organ is functioning at 60 percent, that’s when you have your first symptom like a headache, or a back pain or fatigue, or whatever symptom you may be having; you hit that 60 percent and then you actually have a disease when your organ functions at 40 percent. Harvard found we spend so much money on our health care because we wait till 60 percent which is gone too far at that point, we cover it up with the medication then becomes a chronic disease, then we end up in the hospital. They found we spend so much money because we treat from 0 to about 50%, but we very rarely ever treat people from 50 to a 100%. 

That’s why prevention is so important. I was amazed when I heard this study. So quit treating from 0 to 50, start treating from 50 to 100. A lot of people don’t feel well, they do lab work their doctor says it’s normal, because it doesn’t show up into a 50 or 60% function. 

At Axe Holistic Medicine, we are all about prevention, we’re all about finding something before it happens. That’s why we do tests like medical thermography, because we want to figure out how we can prevent you from getting a disease, how can we make you feel optimal. If you invest a little bit of money right now, I guarantee you you’re going to save — you’re going to save tenfold in the future. Because again, if you treat someone at 70 percent function, it’s very inexpensive. You treat someone at 10 percent on their deathbed, you could spend millions of dollars in the hospital in weeks for that reason.

Don’t be another statistic. Educate yourself and stop spending $9,000.00 a year like the other average American. You can do that today by preventing these diseases and getting healthy. Call our office, we have a lot of great offers, we do free consults just to see what’s going on so we can give you some advice on how to get healthy. Give us a call (813) 563-RUE, that’s 563-7668 and join us on the road to recovery to getting healthy, changing health care in Tampa!


What is the root cause of fungal infections?

Some people have fungal infections for decades and they’re very hard to treat. You have Lamisil, tablets, creams and things like that, but there are not a lot of treatments out there for fungal infections.

Yes, we have natural treatments; tea tree oil and things like that to treat it, but sometimes those things can take a very long time. Ozone is one of the most effective treatments at treating fungal infections. The reason is, you can put it in an oil, put it on the fungal infection, but a fungus at the end of the day is an internal issue and very hard — and that’s why it’s hard to treat topically. You can use something called ozone insufflations. What that is, it’s kind of like an enema, it absorbs through the colon and runs through your bloodstream. That runs systemic and starts to kill fungal infections.

The reason I like it is because; I remember when I was younger and I had Hashimoto’s an auto-immune disease taking Lamisil, and that just destroyed my liver and my body and caused a host of other issues. So, if you are looking to treat a fungal infection naturally, ozone is a great, natural, powerful way to start to do that.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of ozone therapy. 

what is herniated disc dysfunction?

Ctoday we’re going to talk about the top three causes of herniated and bulging discs. If you can find out what causes it, you can figure out how to reverse it. A lot of people think once you have it, you have it forever, there’s nothing you can do. You have surgery, it’s your genetics. That is not true, there are three things that cause it and there are three things that you can do to reverse it.

The first one is a compressive load. You have a disc and you compress it, guess what’s going to happen? Exactly, it’s going to start to bulge. The thing that causes a compressive load on that disc is the change in structure. A bridge – how much weight is on each beam, depends on the structure of the bridge. So, if a dome shaped roof lost its structure, it would eventually cave in, because; it lost the curvature in the roof. You’re supposed have a curvature in your spine, in your neck and in your lower back. So, if you lose that curvature you can start to herniate or bulge that disc. 

The second thing that we look at that surprised a lot of people, is your nutrition. A disc can bulge and herniate because; there’s no hydration. You need hydration for that to rebuild and a lot of these, diabetes, auto-immune conditions and things like that, have caused our cells to become unhealthy and dehydrate.

On a nutritional level- reducing inflammation and getting more water and hydration into the body is huge when it comes to herniated disc. 

The last thing is the ligament instabilities. Maybe you had whiplash from a car accident or a sporting event or a slip and fall, the ligaments hold every disc into place and if there’s instability that’s going to cause that disc to degenerate and wear out. That’s why you would use physical therapy, maybe stem cell injections to strengthen the muscles. Chiropractic adjustments and decompression therapy are the things you have to do in conjunction with each other to start to reverse and repair the structure of the spine and ligament instability. 


Inflammation- Hormone Killer?

I want to talk about one of the most missed causations of hormonal issues. A lot of people are taking bioidentical hormones, supplements and have low testosterone, low estrogen, low progesterone. One of the biggest missing factors has to do with insulin, specifically your A1C’s levels, which have to do with diabetes. If you are diabetic this is huge for optimizing your hormones. If you’re not diabetic that doesn’t mean your insulin levels are optimized. Just because you don’t have diabetes, doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue with that system.

Insulin is so important and there are different things to optimize insulin such as: reducing carbs and sugars, increasing good healthy fats, finding any deficiencies, B-vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies and factions that can throw your insulin levels off. 

The main problem is that our bodies have an anti-inflammatory pathway where they take linoleic acid, convert it down to GLA which is anti-inflammatory. Now when insulin levels are sub-optimal, this anti-inflammatory compound will shift over to arachidonic acid, which is a pro inflammatory chemical. Just by having that hormone not optimized, it’s going to completely shift anti-inflammation into pro-inflammation. It’s a really big deal.

Now the problem with that is, inflammation causes your body to take hormone building blocks and use those to repair the inflammation. We want to use those building blocks and make hormones. We only have so many building blocks in our bodies, we want to use them to make hormones and instead of patching up all the inflammatory damage in our body. Just by optimizing our insulin levels, we can start to decrease arachidonic acid, increase anti-inflammatory chemicals, and allow our body to take hormone building blocks and make the hormones that we need such as testosterone, estrogen progesterone, DHA and even cortisol.

One of the biggest missing links that I see when it comes to hormone imbalance is optimizing your glucose A1C’s insulin levels. There are a lot of different ways you can do that, diet is a great place to start, specializing testing that we do at our clinic is another great way. Call to schedule a consult (813) 563-7668.

Is my thyroid triggering my weight?

This is one of my favorite questions because so many people are suffering with it. People are wondering, “Why can I not lose weight, no matter what I do. I’m taking synthroid, I went to my doctor, my hormones are normal, my thyroid medication is dialed in, I just can’t lose weight, it just keeps going up, up and up.”

Weight loss is about one thing and really one thing only, and that is your hormones. Your hormones are 100 percent what dictates your weight. What you see in the blood does not tell the whole story. People are doing the blood work and they say that it looks normal in their blood, but that’s not telling the story of what’s going on inside your tissues and more importantly, inside the cells.

There are so many more hormones than just your thyroid and they all work together in a very detailed fashion. A big problem I see is, “Oh my thyroid is low, I’m going to take this medication. My testosterone is low right, low T, I’m going to take testosterone.” It’s not that your body can’t make it, is that your body’s making the wrong thing. And for a lot of females and some men, they are making too much estrogen instead of testosterone. 

If you just take the medication then you now have something that’s high and something that’s normal. Whereas before you had some of those high and low, and through proper functional medicine taking a detailed history, looking at you as a whole, we can balance that instead of causing more dysfunction in your body.

It’s very important you don’t just jump to it and start taking medication, that you see someone that’s going to look at your labs, that’s going to look at your history and really listen to you. Because if you want to lose weight and you want to lose weight for the rest of your life consistently, there are no shortcuts here guys, you have got to look at the labs, you’ve got to look in detail and you’ve got to take the right steps to balance your hormones naturally.


Can Men have thyroid issues?

/”What about thyroid in men? I know it happens in women but can it affect guys?” Absolutely! It happened to me, and it’s becoming more and more common. Another really important thing to realize is that we don’t get too wrapped up in the condition, the name or the diagnosis. At the end of the day we are organisms and everything has to be functioning in unison together so that we can feel our best.

Most often men with thyroid conditions have Hashimoto’s. So for men, it can affect not only the thyroid, but more importantly testosterone levels. Testosterone could be low and that could actually affect the immune system in the thyroid. You could have thyroid issues that’s slowing down your metabolism and actually decreasing your testosterone. That’s why it’s very important for men to check the full panel. We look at your testosterone, your thyroid, auto-immune numbers, and we tailor a plan specifically that’s going to get your hormones balanced and get you feeling better.

Absolutely, it can affect men, it’s becoming more common. So, it’s important that you not only check your thyroid, but you check a full male panel as well. Click here for more information on thyroid health. 

Can omega 3 reduce inflammation?

I want talk about what causes inflammation because there is a lot of debate on this. A lot people don’t understand the actual pathways that go into it. We’re going to talk about Omega 3s and Omega 6s and how that plays into reducing inflammation naturally. We’re also going to talk about and Encebs, pain medication and how all this works and steps you can start to take today to start to reduce inflammation in your body, because inflammation is the cause of all disease. If you can start to understand this pathway and make changes, you are going to start to reverse disease immediately.

Let’s talk about linolenic acid and Omega 6s. On this pathway, a lot of people think Omega 6s cause inflammation, but that’s not necessarily true. Things like grains, corn, and seeds are Omega 6s and those can actually be anti-inflammatory in the right conditions. If you get good quality Omega 6s and you go down this pathway, you’re going to decrease inflammation.

Now here is the problem and why Omega 6s get a bad rap. If you have too many of them, that can be a problem, particularly when your insulin levels are not correct. That doesn’t mean you have diabetes; diabetes guarantees we have an insulin problem, but a lot of people have un-optimal levels of glucose and insulin interaction. Things that cause that? Sugary, high glycemic index foods and so forth. That will cause this anti-inflammatory of Omega 6s to shunt over into arachidonic acid and now in the pro-inflammatory pathway.

It’s not just what you eat, but it’s other hormone insulin levels in your body that can cause an inflammatory response. The number one step that you need to do is reduce sugars and high glycemic index foods. That will immediately change the inflammatory pathway in your body from pro-inflammatory and immediately to anti-inflammatory. If you have diabetes, those issues have to be dealt with first.

Now let’s shift to the pro-inflammatory side. The second thing that will cause inflammation in your body is grain-fed, poor quality, animal products. A grain-fed cow is going to cause inflammation. A grass fed cow is going to decrease inflammation. Anything grain-fed, GMO, eggs- things like that. If those animals are eating grains instead of grasses, those products are going to lead to inflammation because those things are converted into arachidonic acid.

From there, a lot of people are familiar with type one and two, and that pathway leads to inflammation. Now there are two ways — the good news is we’re still okay. We can still recover from this, even if we’ve gone all the way this far because there are two ways to treat it. One is encebs, Alleve, Tylenol, things like that. When we take pain medication like that, it inhibits and blocks this pathway. The problem with that is inflammation is good in small amounts. We only want a little bit of that inflammation, so our body can heal. 

Now the second option which I prefer, things like ginger, turmeric, boswellia. Those things modulate this pathway, so if you’re getting too much inflammation it will stop. If you’re getting the right amount of inflammation it will keep the pathway open. It modulates instead of inhibits.

These are amazing compounds and herbs you can start to add to your daily regimen today to decrease inflammation in your body. The second way we talked about was improving your glucose insulin by removing sugary, high glycemic index foods.

The third way is just by changing the quality of the foods that you eat, by changing to grass for animal products instead of grain-fed. Those are the top three things you can do right now to start to reduce inflammation and how these pathways work in your body.


What can i do for shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is a big deal! I’ve dislocated my shoulder four or five times. You use your shoulder for everything for your arm. So, it’s important to know what causes that and how you can overcome that.

The first thing is misalignments in the shoulder. When that thing comes out of socket, you might put it back in but it can still be slightly misaligned. Find someone that can take the right x-rays, do the right muscle testing and can put the shoulder back in proper alignment. A good chiropractor can do that.

The second thing is scar tissue. As soon as you injure the shoulder, scar tissue is formed. Scar tissue forms very quickly, but then we need to do the proper stretching and rehab. There are things like Wharton’s Jelly and Prolozone that can help break down that scar tissue, so that your tissues in your shoulder can move evenly. If you have scar tissue here, regular tissue here, it can be very restricted in the front and very loose in the back and that’s going to cause chronic shoulder issues and degeneration.

The last thing is you’ve got to strengthen the muscles because if you damage that ligament, you can overcome that by strengthening the muscles that the ligaments used to do. If the ligaments are damaged, let’s strengthen the muscles so that they can overcome and take over that workload. Your Sits muscles, external rotation, internal rotation, subscapularis are all muscles needed to strengthen the shoulder girdle.

Strengthen and break up those adhesions, align the joint properly and I guarantee you, those things are going to help you overcome shoulder pain. And if you want to regenerate the shoulder, watch some more of our videos on how Wharton’s Jelly and Prolozone can start to regenerate and break scar tissue in the shoulder. 

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