Prolozone Therapy


Prolozone oxygenates the joints.

Prolozone is made up of ozone, which stimulates the cells to essentially rebuild themselves. When prolozone is injected, the body stimulates new tissue growth, helping regenerate ligaments which in turn strengthen the joints.


Injected in and around the joints, Prolozone is proven to reconstruct ligaments.

After being injected, prolozone can reverse the symptoms of chronic pain. Weakened joints are lubricated and rejuvenated by the combination of  collagen stimulating ozone.

Prolozone offers a fast and easy recovery.

Patients receiving this form of injection will have little down time. Healing is much quicker than other forms of regenerative medicine.

What are the Benefits
of Prolozone?

Prolozone  restores tissues and revitalizes cells using oxygen! This form of regenerative therapy is safe and highly effective for not only managing and mitigating pain, but relieving and reducing it completely. When inflammation occurs, the joints can become weak and dehydrated, causing soreness and strain. When prolozone is injected, the oxygen- collagen aid in rebuilding the tissues and ligaments surrounding the joints.

Positive outcomes of Prolozone injections result from the properties of the therapy including:


Repair and stregthen of ligaments and tissues


Tissue hydration


Collagen production


Blood flow


Rapid reduction of pain


Improved vascularization

Concerns Involving
Prolozone Therapy
Your body naturally produces ozone, making Prolozone therapy safe and effective. After recieving the injections, the body goes to work quickly repairing weakened ligaments surrounding joints. The anti-inflammatory properties significantly reduce pain.  Most patients see an improvement in stability within the first 48 hours, and a reduction in pain of 20-80%.

Is Prolozone Safe?

The medical uses of Ozone & Prolozone by health care providers has been found safer than the use of Ibuprofen! Not only very safe but also effective.

How Many Treatments
Do I Need?
Similar to PRP, we clinically see the best results with 3 visits of prolozone therapy 1-2 weeks apart.  Prolozone therapy is virtually painless and often can give you quick relief with a very short recovery time.
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