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In the State of Florida, individuals involved in an accident have 14 days to use their coverage of personal injury protection. Many people on the scene of the accident are frustrated and don’t know where to go or who to call. Here at Axe Holistic Medicine, we try to make each PIP patient feel comfortable about moving forward with their care. 

For more information on Personal Injury Protection, we have compiled a list of videos for any and all questions and concerns you may have regarding your accident. Top professionals in the industry, Dr. Jordan Axe, founder of Axe Holistic Medicine, and Injury Assistants Law Firm Attorney, Michael Mills discuss step by step instructions on what you can do after you’ve been involved in an accident. 

You may be a candidate for Personal Injury Protection:

Have you been involved in an accident recently? Watch the videos below on what to do after your accident. 

Who Do I See First After Being in An Accident?

Michael Mills: Hey, doc, I have a question, someone gets into an accident, who do they need to go see first? Do they go to an emergency room or do they go to the chiropractor? What’s the deal?

Dr. Jordan Axe: Yeah, it’s a really good question. It’s confusing. Who do I see first? And it really depends on the severity of the injury. If it’s a bad medical emergency, please go to the emergency room. But if you’re injured and you’re in pain, I advise you to go to an office that does physical medicine so they can take X-rays, they can do physical therapy. They can do chiropractic and they can do conservative treatment instead of jumping into something like surgery.

Michael Mills: Especially since what the chiropractors, they are able to do all of those things and if need be, then they can refer you out to an orthopedic or neurosurgeon.

Dr. Jordan Axe: Exactly, because if you go if you go to a surgeon or orthopedic right after that, they’re going to refer right back to conservative therapy first, and you’re just going to get pinball back and forth and eat away honestly, at the at the finances, you have for your medical care.

Michael Mills: And also, a chiropractic can make sure that you get the MRI which are needed for orthopedic or neurosurgeon to be able to identify if there is a more severe problem.

Dr. Jordan Axe: Absolutely. So, if you’re in an injury and you’re in severely pan, please call or go to the emergency room. But if you’re just in pain and you have a smaller injury, please seek a chiropractor or someone that practice physical medicine and can get X-rays on you and refer you out for an MRI.

How Do I Know If I'm Really Injured After an Accident?

Michael Mills: Do, how do you know you’ve been involved in a car accident and that you’re injured?

Dr. Jordan Axe: That is a really good question. And a lot of people like to based on how they feel. You know my neck doesn’t hurt, so, I’m fine. But Harvard did a study and they found that you don’t have a symptom until that organ works at 60 percent. So, it is a severe issue before you ever actually feel it. And that’s why these things develop 10, 20 years later. The best way to know is a flexion X-ray. Okay, a lot of times, a whip lash causes ligament instability and you might not feel it. So, by flexing your head forward and extending it back and taking an X-ray, we can see instability on the X-ray and that is the best way to know. So, I really recommend anyone that’s in an accident immediately that day or the next day, have X-rays done to figure out if you’ve been injured or not.

Michael Mills: Yeah, often time, my client tells me that right after the accident, they didn’t feel like they were injured and it’s not until they woke up the next day or a couple of days later that they wake up and they’re stiff and they can barely move. And that’s typically when they try to make the phone call to call the doctor.

Dr. Jordan Axe: Exactly. But if you can do it before the soreness hits, you can prevent a lot of that soreness from actually occurring. And day in and day out, I have patients come in, I take a history, they’re in pain and I say yah you know, give me your history. Oh well, you know, I got in a car accident 10 years ago and I showed in their X-ray and I say hey this Injury is about 10 years old. So, you know it’s just a perfect example of how that works.

Michael Mills: And the other thing is the insurance companies often look at the time that it took for somebody to go seek medical attention after being involved in a car accident. Yes. So, the sooner the better.

Dr. Jordan Axe: Yeah. So, even if you know you weren’t injured or you were injured and you waited, the insurance is going to use that against you.

Michael Mills: Absolutely, I see it all the time.

Top 5 Things To Do After Being Involved in An Accident.

 Dr. Jordan Axe: We would like to talk about the top five things you need to do as soon as you’re in an auto accident, don’t freak out, happened to my dad; he’s calling the tow-truck company, he’s calling his mom. So, you need to get them in that emergency situation exactly what to do.

Michael Mills: First thing, call 911. You want to get them on the phone, make sure that they come out to the scene but before they come out to the scene, you want to make sure that you take pictures of both vehicles before you move them. Thats very key. Next, you want to make sure that you contact a doctor somebody that can help you and determine whether or not you’ve been injured.

Dr. Jordan Axe: Absolutely and the fourth thing you would do is call an attorney before you call your insurance because a lot of us think our insurance is there to help us. That’s what they advertise on the TV, they’re not. They’re a business like anything else.

Michael Mills: Absolutely!

Dr. Jordan Axe: So, you want someone on your side that’s going to walk you through the proper steps. Okay, the last step is to call your insurance and get a claim number.

Michael Mills: Get your claims set up, get all the information, you can do that with your attorney on the line, make sure that he or she is there to help you with the questions and information that the insurance company is asking of you. That way, you’re sure that there’s that your claim is going to be filed properly.

Dr. Jordan Axe: So, don’t freak out. follow those five steps

Michael Mills: And you’ll be just fine.

Florida 14 Day Medical Attention Rule

Michael Mills: Today we’re here to talk about the Florida 14-day rule to get treatment after being involved in a car accident.

Dr. Jordan Axe: A lot of people they don’t know what that means, what 14 days and they don’t know why it’s important.

Michael Mills: But the reason why it’s important is because under the personal injury protection coverage in your insurance, you are required to seek medical attention within 14 days after being involved in a car accident in order for you to have that coverage available to you.

Dr. Jordan Axe: And this is really important because the sooner you do something about the injury the better off you’re going to be. I remember I dislocated my shoulder once and luckily, I had a doctor around that put it back into place and two days later completely better, completely out of pain. And it’s very tempting to think I am just a little sore, it’s ok and 14 days later boom the pain hits you. So, the sooner you can do something about it the sooner you can get your spine back to where it needs to be the minimal the more minimal those injuries are going to be.

Michael Mills: And also important is after that 14 days expires you no longer have access to that coverage that you’ve been paying for every single month to your insurance company. So, it’s very vitally important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Dr. Jordan Axe: Absolutely. In our clinic it can get expensive to rehab the spine, ligament damage, disc issues. So, you want to take advantage if you get in within those 14 days. You can get all those medical bills paid which is a really big deal.

Michael Mills: And yes, your insurance company will pay your medical bills at 80 percent of your medical 80 percent of the costs up to ten thousand dollars.

Discussing Personal Injury with Attorney Michael Mills

Dr. Jordan Axe: It Dr. Jordan Axe here, and I’m with Michael Mills one of the best attorneys inthe area and I just wanted you to explain you know what sets you apart. Why have we decided you know what do I look up to you so much?

Michael Mills: Well personally I’ve been practicing now for over 18 years. I initially started doing insurance defense. Insurance offense meant that I actually worked for the insurance companies, so I did that for six years. I worked at one of the largest insurance defense firms in Florida. We represented insurance companies such as Nationwide, State farm, AIG, 21st century and a whole lot of other insurance companies. But in late 2006 I started representing plaintiff people who’ve actually been injured in the car accidents and I’ve been doing that ever since. At this point I’ve handled thousands of personal injury cases and recovered millions of dollars for my clients.

Dr. Jordan Axe: That’s great. I can tell you your passion about it and you know you’ve always done great work. And I really appreciate it.

Michael Mills: Thank you!

Can I Use Regenerative Medicine?

Dr. Jordan Axe: it’s Dr. Jordan Axe. 

Michael Mills: I was wondering if you’re injured is regenerative medicine something that’s on the table?

Dr. Jordan Axe: Absolutely. I mean that is a buzz a lot of people are asking about it and it’s really a controversial subject. Regenerative medicine is using your body’s own regenerative properties to heal yourself. So, people think you know as the research out there, is it really going to work? It works, your body replicates and works every single day. So absolutely the two things I’d recommend is PRP which is Platelet Rich Plasma and Wharton’s Jelly injections. Typically, I recommend before surgery maybe conventional therapy didn’t work right, the display was too bad, the pain is too great but, in some cases, I also recommend regenerative medicine if you’ve already had surgery.

Michael Mills: Alright! For instance, I had a client where she injured her wrist in an accident and went through two surgeries. Although they repaired the injured ligament. It still costs her some pain. So, her doctor then referred her recommended her for Wharton’s Jelly Injections.

Dr. Jordan Axe: And you know the reason that happens is because you may have had an injury you injured the bone, you injured the nerve especially with a bad accident, you could have injured four or five tissues in that joint. In surgery is normally only really working on one tissue.

Michael Mills: Correct!

Dr. Jordan Axe: In stem cell and can heal. It’s your buys on intelligence it will heal all the tissues in the area. So yes, please look into it as a viable option if you’re in an injury.

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