We are excited to announce our new WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM!

We have been busy creating new Functional Medicine programs and bringing on board the right professional to oversee the programs. The pieces have come together! We are beyond excited to share the news with you!

Please help us welcome our newest team member, Health Coach, Jamie Hume!

Jamie is a Certified Health Coach, Life & Wellness Coach, and Nutrition Consultant (full bio on website).

For nearly a decade she has worked with individuals in the field of weight loss and lifestyle change. She has extensive experience working with individuals one on one, but also creating and facilitating wellness programs for facilities nationwide. She will be spearheading our very own weight loss program!

This 4-week program is an excellent opportunity to work closely with a nutrition coach on the fundamentals, and to hold our patients accountable to their health goals. It is also a great segue to further health optimization should you choose to go that route.

Don’t wait! Schedule your FREE consultation with Jamie to determine if this program is the right fit for you!

813-563-7668 Ext #1



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