Herx or Herxheimer reactions are short term reactions (usually spanning from days to weeks) caused by detoxification processes in the body. These reactions most often happen during treatment for tick borne illnesses, syphilis and gut infections. When a pathogen is killed off it releases proteins, oxidizing agents, biofilms and other toxins that increase inflammatory chemicals in the body and elicit an immune response. As a result of this, some people will experience symptoms such as exacerbated skin conditions, cold like symptoms, sweating/chills, nausea, changes in bowel function, brain fog, fatigue, joint, muscle pain, etc.
Strategies you can utilize to minimize herx reactions include things like: taking antioxidants such as NAC/glutathione or liposomal C, using proteolytic enzymes, staying well hydrated, avoiding sugar, alcohol and smoking, exercising regularly and utilizing other detoxification techniques such as ozone therapy or using an infrared sauna.