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Here is What’s Included in Your Test Kit:

General Blood Markers

General Blood Markers are the same as what is done during a physical or by a primary care doctor. 

Full Thyroid Panel

Most doctors only run half the panel and therefore don’t catch hidden thyroid issue’s leading to fatigue, brain fog and weight gain.

Inflammatory Markers

Hidden toxins and infection trigger inflammation. These are important marker’s to help identify the cause of a person’s issues. 


Your body cannot function with a deficiency and can cause any health condition. Vitamin D and magnesium are 2 major deficiencies tested here.

The Comprehensive Wellness Panel includes:

CMP 14, CRP, Ferritin, Fibronogen Activity, Free T3, Free T4, GGT, Hemoglobin A1C, HNK (CD57), Homocysteine, Iron and TIBC, LDH, Lipid Panel w/ Cholesterol, Magnesium serum, Phosphorous, Reverse T3, Thyroglobulin AB, Thyroid Profile II, TPO Ab, Uric Acid, Urinalysis, Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy


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