Believe it or not, dental health affects every other aspect of health. For example, tooth decay can be a sign of poor bone health due to mineral deficiencies or poor absorption of minerals in the gut. An infection in the mouth, if left untreated, can move into the bloodstream and affect the whole body. You may or may not have been taught by your dentist that mercury or amalgam fillings off-gas or “leak” metals into your body for the rest of your life. The pulp inside your teeth absorbs some of these metals, which enter your bloodstream. Drinking hot beverages or chewing crunchy or sticky foods increases the release of metals. This buildup of metals in your body causes many problematic symptoms and exacerbates existing conditions. Autoimmune conditions are worsened as the immune system reacts strongly to heavy metals from your fillings. You will likely feel the symptoms build slowly over time as the body tries to keep up with the increasing heavy metal toxicity. The good news is, you can have your dental fillings removed and follow our doctors’ detox protocol to restore your health. However, it’s imperative that amalgam fillings are removed by an experienced dentist in order to prevent worsening of your symptoms. There are specific protocols to follow before, during, and after amalgam filling removal to ensure your safety and improved health.


The Huggins’ Protocol

Dr. Hal Huggins, a dentist with over 50 years of experience, created a plan for removal of amalgam fillings to protect both dentist and patient. The Huggins Protocol includes diet and supplementation dependent on your bloodwork, a specific step-by-step process to remove fillings safely, and constant monitoring of the healing process to adjust treatment as necessary.