One of the many ways that you can take control of your health is by introducing consistent sauna therapy into your daily health regiment. Studies world-wide show that sauna therapy has many therapeutic benefits.  On the physical body, a short, healthy sweat helps to invigorate the body and helps to relieve tension in the muscles.  On the mental side, it relaxes and soothes the mind and emotions.   The body responds well to a gentle consistent heat for a few minutes a day and produces numerous positive results. More and more doctors are recognizing the benefits and are recommending it to patients to improve health problems.

The number one documented benefit to consistent sauna therapy is reducing stress levels.  Stress has an astounding impact on our overall health and is the root cause for many medical issues that present in the body.  Diseases such as heart disease can be induced partially by consistent stress.  Daily sauna therapy can help reduce stress by providing a tranquil, soothing space away from the stressors of life.  Heat relaxes the mind and the muscles and allows the body to release physical and mental toxins from the body.  One significant benefit is that it helps to regulate cortisol.  One proven fact about the affects of stress on the body is that stress hormones rise when the body perceives danger.  Stress produces hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline that is designed to protect the body in times of danger.  When we are constantly in a state of stress, our bodies begin to remain in a state of danger all the time.  Our bodies were never designed to be in constant danger mode.  Elevated stress hormones can cause dis-ease within the body leading to health problems and disease.  Lowered immunity, mental illness, sleep deprivation, heart disease, and hormone imbalance are only a few of the issues that can result from elevated stress levels.  Saunas can help reduce stress hormone levels and encourage the body to increase the production of serotonin which is our “feel good” hormone.  The decrease in stress with consistent heat therapy can increase the immune system.  Heat therapy also helps the body produce more white blood cells at a faster pace which helps us fight off illness.

Sweating dilates the blood vessels and raises core temperature.  This causes blood to flow more freely and increases circulation. Most people do not sweat deeply on a consistent daily basis and miss out of the health benefits of “sweating it out.”  Sauna therapy allows the body to sweat deeply and bring toxins such as heavy metals and environmental toxins to the surface of the skin.  With the increased blood flow from the heat, the body can eliminate toxins from the body via the sweat glands.  Daily, consistent detoxification of the body is an important factor in overall health.  

Heat therapy improves brain health.  Not only will saunas relieve stress and improve our overall mental state, studies have shown that it also helps decrease the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Heat increases blood flow to the brain and helps decrease cognitive decline. Reduced stress levels improve sleep which is also very important for decreasing the risk of cognitive decline and memory loss.

A few minutes in the sauna aids in the releasing of endorphins to improve the quality of sleep.  The body produces endorphins throughout the day.  We release endorphins when we work out, because we sweat and elevate our heart rate..  Endorphins are chemicals that make our body feel good, but many times our body will produces endorphins at bedtime when we are trying to settle down after a long day.  This causes problems with falling asleep or experiencing a restful sleep.  Heat therapy before bed will help the body to release endorphins causing a sedative affect. This increases relaxation and aids in falling into a deep restful sleep. Releasing endorphins also reduces pain and muscle tension. Increased blood flow helps heal and soothe pain and soreness. Many athletes enjoy the benefits of saunas after strenuous activity to help soothe muscles and joints as well as speed up the healing process of injuries.

Sweating cleanses the skin which can improve the overall look and health of the skin,  It cleanses the skin from bacteria that clogs the pores and opens up the blood vessels to increase blood flow. Increased blood flow gives the skin a softer more even tone. 

Sauna therapy improves respiratory health.  Sinus discomfort, congestion, and allergies are some examples of conditions that can be improved with heat and steam therapy.  Adding a therapeutic grade essential oil such as eucalyptus, peppermint, or a respiratory blend can help open up the airways and relieve respiratory discomfort.  This along with the immune boosting benefits of heat therapy can help in improving these conditions.

These are just some examples of the many benefits of sauna therapy.  Personal Infrared saunas are a good choice and allow you the convenience of experiencing the daily benefits of heat therapy in the comfort of your own home.  Personal infrared heat saunas can be purchased at Therasage. Save 10% off your purchase with coupon code axe These particular saunas use Infrared heat with natural earth elements. They also release negative ions into the environment promoting healing and overall health.  Infrared heat along with negative ions reduce the effects of EMF’s which are the harmful frequencies from the use of electronics..